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50 Best Small Business ideas to Start With $10,000

Do you want to start a business but you have under $10k? If YES, here are 50 best profitable small business ideas to start with $10000 or less in 2019.

Thinking of building something worthwhile that can set you on course for financial freedom? You really want to say 'I quit' to your boss so you can start your own financial freedom race? The question you have to answer first聽is; 'what is my business concept?' Yes! What business idea will you like to work on or which business idea can bring in lots of cash?

In our long list of business concepts, there are businesses for any skill set, budget and interest. Some may even require less than $5,000 to start them. These businesses range from freelance executive, manufacturing business to service providers. You will surely get one that fits you and requires聽less than $10,000 to launch.

To start with, decide if it will be a full time or part time venture. You may begin with a mobile office, online presence, a small store etc. The customer finding process depends on your business concept. It is not out of place to make use of handbills, word of mouth advert, cold calling as well as local advertising agents especially for your immediate environment. Online advertising platforms are a good source of customers for business.

In this piece, you will read about business ideas, their set up procedures, industry price level and needed skills. Kindly note that it is your absolute responsibility to investigate and know companies before engaging in business relationship with any firm. You also need to understand your terms of transaction clearly before going into business relationship with both individuals and firms.

50 Best Small Business ideas to Start With $10,000 in 2019Homemade Food
Have you got love for food, cooking and recipes? If you love mixing ingredients to arrive at something delicious and healthy, this may be a fund raiser for you.

There are lots of people making it big with an homemade food. If you have聽recipes that can make people pay, then put it up. Lots of people like homemade foods or snacks. Just keep it nice. You can sell in supermarkets, neighborhoods etc. Please ensure quality is never compromised. Examples include salsas, juices, candies etc.

2. Sales Trainer

If you are a famous top performing sales executive, you can make more cash by simply training others with your skills and experience. You can begin with online classes, weekend classes as well as sales consulting service for small businesses. As your business grows, you may gradually come into full time sales consulting and training.

Target customers will include sales people, corporate managers, small business owners, retail clerks, business executives, marketing and business course students, fundraisers, professional service providers as well as real estate professionals. The market is large with a promise of huge financial gain.

3. Music Tutorial

Are you a music lover with the ability to sing and play musical instruments such as drums, piano, guitar or a wind or string instrument? If yes, you have a business already. You may apply to be an instructor or you may simply gather students and teach at a rented place, your house or the student's residence. You may charge up to $30 per hour for individuals while groups may cost $40 per house. You may even employ more hands to teach.

4. Childcare Center

This is a business for everyone that loves kids. This is viable because lots of parents are into full time jobs and seek a place to keep their kids. You will be required to acquire license and certification before you can operate. There are licenses or regulations guiding this business based on region. Find out about the minimum requirements in your region. You can be sure that once you begin, you will soon start turning down parents for lack of space.

5. Art Work Tutorial

If you are good at art work and craft, there are limitless opportunities for you. You may be teaching the craftsmanship. People are willing to learn painting, knitting, printmaking, and many other arts and crafts that have gained popularity in recent years. You can teach at homes, shops etc with lessons during the day, night as well as on weekend. This can be done at a rented store, home based office, craftsman store etc. You earn an average of $25 to $50 per hour as an art instructor.

6. Pet Sitting

This is for people who love pet and can as well take care of pets. From your love for pets, you can create a stream of income. Make money from what you love to do.

There are several people out there with pets that have special needs that cannot be taken along on some trips. These set of people can be your business. You simply go to their homes to take care of their pets. If you want to do this on a large scale, simply hire more hands such as pet loving retirees.

7. Vintage Clothing Business

To be successful here, you need a good knowledge of how the vintage clothing business works, the value of vintage clothing, prices and accessories to buy. Once you gather this knowledge, you are good to go.

Begin by utilizing your weekends at garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, as well as at auctions to search out vintage clothing and fashion accessories, such as handbags, hats, shoes and scarves. For some clothes, you will need to do small repairs or remove some stains before reselling them.

8. Gardening Consultant

If you are a lover of green life and ready to get dirty, being a gardening consultant is not a bad idea. Simply meet with clients, discuss what they want, their land features and other conditions surrounding the engagement such as budget, involvement of other consultants etc. Plan your work schedule and get started. It's that simple. You can make use of online platform and word of mouth advert. If your work is good, you will soon have more than you can control.

9. Small Business Coach

This is another lucrative field with high demands as 540,000 new businesses spring up monthly in United States. These new businesses and the existing ones need small business coaches to help with a number of things such as business planning, business legal issues advice, marketing strategies, branding, financial budgets, logistics issues, license and documentation, technology issues as well as expansion challenges.

This great lucrative business venture is best suited for entrepreneurs who are small-business owners, management consultants, business managers as well as corporate executives, especially people who have strong marketing, operations, administration and financial forecasting skills.

10. Chimney Cleaning

The best way around here is to purchase a franchise. When you do, equipment and training will be provided. This is because experience and skills are important here. If you want to work independently, get the necessary equipment like ladder, flue brushes etc and ensure height is not a problem. An average chimney cleaning might take 2 hours and may fetch you up to $150. If your work is impressive, you will definitely get more clients and probably increase your pay with time.

11. Pet Photography

Lovers of animals and photography can combine both to earn substantial income as a pet photographer. Owners of dogs, horses, cats, birds, reptiles, champion livestock as well as fish can all be potential clients. You can do this on a part time or full time basis depending on your choice. It is pertinent to make the photography sections fun filled for both the pet and the pet owner so as to get referrals and repeat business. To be more unique, you may suggest pet video recording and transfer of pet photographs onto shirt, mugs, greeting cards, calendar etc.

12. Native Landscaping

This is another money making venture for the green lovers. You will help clients to look at their current space and with your own knowledge of native shrubs, bushes, herbs, succulents and flowers, rocks as well as mulch, redesign their outdoor space in order to look nice. You may work with a local landscaping firm, take the job and subcontract it out or simply stand on your own. This is charged per square meter at the rate of $3. Think of how much you can make from this.

13. Backyard Nursery

If you love farming or agriculture and you are willing to make money out it, consider backyard nursery planting. It won't cost extra expenses on your part.

All you need for this is at least a small space where you can grow seeds either in a pot each or small allocated area for a season and then begin selling the shrubs and trees. This can earn you few thousands per month. You may buy seedlings for 75 cents and resell the tree after a season or two for $50. A 20 foot land mass can contain up to 300 seedlings. Just do the math and see the viability of the idea.

14. Freelance Photographers

Millions of people such as individuals, marketers, media companies, retailers, organizations, government agencies, and others all over the world need new photographs every day for both electronic and print publications to add meaning to their news, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, newsletters, brochures and presentations. And with the internet and various cloud services, you can sell and share pictures in seconds with anyone anywhere around the world. You may even take pictures for events and locations. All of these provide opportunities to earn per hour or in royalties over your pictures.

15. Apartment Preparation Service

Landlords and property managers that have tight schedules and are willing to earn good sums on their rental properties will find this service provider a partner in business rather than someone taking their money. They know the better the properties look, the higher the rent. So they are pleased to sublet the cleaning and renovation of their properties to someone who has the time.

The services are painting, garden repairs, carpet cleaning, changing of glass, minor repairs, trash removal etc. You may join property managers association, landlords association, and visit and call real estate offices to advertise your services. Do good jobs so that word of mouth adverts from satisfied clients can work for you. You may need a van to move equipment like ladders, steam cleaners, vacuum set among others. These equipment should not cost much to acquire, maybe few thousands of dollars.

16. Business Plan Writing

It has been revealed that not all businesses have a formal plan, just 33% do. There 28 million small scale businesses in the United States, they all need your service if you can write a business plan. There are some businesses that will love to update theirs while some will like to create a new one. Charges depend on the business scope and what you are required to write. You must be able to analyze business and understand what businesses need.

17. Blind Cleaning Service

Window blinds are in every home, hospital, hotel, school, institution, office etc. You can offer to clean them for cash. This is something you can see almost everywhere. That means your money is in every house, hospital, office, school etc. It can be done with an ultrasonic machine which can be transported with a van to locations or simply set it up at home while you offer free pickup and delivery services.

18. Online Research Service

This is a way to get paid for reading and the time spent. For people who love sourcing for information by research or interview, you can get paid for it. It was originally called information brokering but since information is now obtained online, hence the change in name. You will be required to get your information from anywhere like online, library, newspapers, journals, business reports, government reports, interviews etc. Just make sure they are true.

19. Self-Publishing Expert

If you can write, edit, proofread, design, market and distribute the books of authors. You can do all of these for a fee and help lots of people achieve their dreams of becoming self-published authors. Potential clients may include people who are willing to write Great American Novels and trainers willing to write training manuals and guides.

Also, activists who may want to write a book (political, environmental, or for a cause), and corporations willing to produce a book for their customers to tell the history of their business, products, services, as well as about their numerous employees. This is a great business opportunity especially if you love reading and researching. Make money while you do what you love.

20. Makeup Artist

This is a thriving business any day, anytime. You will be needed to make people look good for film or TV shoots, important job interviews, weddings, reunion, speaking engagements, dinner etc. Individuals can as well request for your service to gain self-confidence and to help them know the right colour blend for their skin. You can do this on a part time or full time basis. You may also team up with day spa, hair salons, nail studios etc. The flexibility of this business makes it unique and more rewarding. You may as well work with cosmetics stores and beauty training schools if you are exceptionally good.

21. Copywriting Service

If you have聽the ability to write to stair up excitement or make people take an action, yours is Copywriting. You can write commercials for radio, TV, companies, print media etc to create awareness for products and services. You may partner with editors, graphic designers, advertising agencies etc. You could earn an average of $50 per hour. If you are so skilled you may add graphics design, editing etc to the list of services.

22. Online Social Media Consultant

If you can handle social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to pull more sales, respond to customers, follow up trends etc., then you are needed. Most entrepreneurs don't have time for this, so they need you. You can create an excellent online presence with previous experience outlined. You may volunteer to help local businesses first and once you achieve good results, you can add it to your profile.

23. Dent Removal

This is another cool business idea that can bring in lots of cash. You simply help car owners, used and new cars dealers, companies etc to remove dents in the cars. Lots of dent removal equipment manufacturers often offer training at friendly prices for a period of time. You may also include painting the spot of the dent after working on it to earn extra cash.

24. Decorating Service

If you are creative with designs and refurbishing of antique decorative materials, you can earn lots of money from decorative service. There are busy home owners, office executives who want their homes and offices well decorated. You can buy and refurbish decorative materials and resell to earn more. Add sewing skills, painting and wood knowledge. You can develop a brochure for your services and social media profile to enhance more sales.

25. Search Engine Optimization and Digital Advertising Expert

The business world has changed a great deal; almost everything about business is done via online platforms including marketing. People who can't keep up with the pace will normally get an expert to handle it.

If you can help businesses to come up first in the search engine results, you are needed by business men. You can help them grow and advertise through social media websites like Facebook. Once you help them through with feasible results, then you can always get more jobs and referrals. An online profile is essential with evidence of previously achieved results.

26. Personal Fitness Trainer

Everyone wants to be fit. That is the deep desire of many but they find it hard to achieve. This may be due to their lifestyle, nutrition or genetic factors. Some have bought several equipment and drugs and are yet to realize their objective. This is where the work of a personal fitness trainer comes in.

All you do is help people live a better life with exercises and nutritional programs. You can train moms to be, busy executives, fat people etc. You can work one on one or train groups. Get a fitness studio where people can meet you for nutritional consultation and fitness assessment. Endeavour to check your area for any required certification or training before starting. Online marketing is a good point to gather clients. Take advantage of it to the best of your ability.

27. Floral Design Service

For those that love flowers, you can earn by designing with flowers at offices, homes, social events such as weddings, funerals, dinner etc. You may acquire more knowledge through training and schools. Floral designers use聽greenery, flowers and decorations to create appealing and beautiful floral arrangements, such as wreaths, bouquets as well as table centerpieces for events such as social gatherings, weddings, funerals and business functions. Try as much as possible to create partnership with event planners, funeral homes, wedding planners, etc.

28. Bicycle Repairs

If you love bicycles or you are mechanically sound, you may start a bicycle repair service and earn lots of money. You can do this either part time or on a full time basis. You may go for bicycle repair courses to enhance your skill in schools offering bicycle mechanic courses such as United Bicycle Institute in Oregon. Also, join bicycle forums and clubs and advert your services through these clubs and forums. You can as well work with bicycle repair firms and schools. If you do a great job for each of your clients, you can be sure of word of mouth advert on your behalf as well as referrals.

29. Pet Products Manufacturer

It is interesting to find out that $13 billion is spent annually on pets. This is too much for you not to share in the money if you can make something for people's pet. Anything reasonable is good enough to share in this voluminous amount from pet clothes, toys for pets, furniture, health products for pets etc.

There is a聽wide range of partners on ground for you already. Just make something and get on board. Pet product boutiques, Veterinarians, pet shop retailers and pet groomers are all partners that can help advertise and sell your pet products. You can as well sell your pet products at pet fairs, farmers market and craft stores. Online medium is another wonderful part by which you can sell your products, create a website or via ebay, Etsy etc. If you love pets, invent something in honor of your love for pet sand get paid for it.

30. Fashion Accessories Provider

This is a big multi billion dollars market. Fashion evolves every now and then. There are several accessories that you can either create or just buy and resell. It all depends on you. One thing is sure; there is a lot of money to be made here.

Lovers of fashion may simply look into the long list of fashion accessories e.g. belts, scarves, buckles, shoes, wallet etc and begin to create one for sales. If you don鈥檛 have enough skill, you may even give it to companies to produce in your name. You can sell at craft exhibitions, through supermarkets, through online stores etc. You may even sell in bulk to retailers. It all depends on you.

31. Toy Making Business

People give birth every day and there are a lot of kids who need toys to play with. Schools buy them in large quantities including child care centers and some parents. The demand here is ever present. Are you willing to create and supply?

This is a very viable business idea especially if you can make handicraft toys for children. They are heavily demanded with good price. You just need a space for the hand tools, power tools and sewing machine. Just create unique designs and your demands will never cease. You can make dolls, puzzles, antique toy replica, wooden toys etc.

32. Furniture Repairs

If you are good with furniture repairs, you can make lots of money from it. There are offices and homes in need of repairs for聽their furniture. Even in your home, you can attend to customers. If you have a van with which you can move your equipment from one place to another so as to be able work on the go, you will get more jobs leading to more money. Potential clients are property managers, office movers, business executive etc. You can also earn more via auction and sales of furniture and antiques. Work with antique dealers and interior designers so that they can refer people to you.

33. Events and Party Planner

Have you got administrative and organizing skills mixed with the love for social gathering? If yes, that may simply be the pathway to your financial breakthrough. There is a lot money in event management which you can tap from if you are hardworking.

You can help people to plan their birthday, graduation, coronation, wedding anniversary, etc for cash. It鈥檚 all about organizing and hosting these events. Things to be done are securing a venue, creating and sending out of invitation, getting entertainers, speakers, decorations, etc. Make use of your social media profiles, be detail oriented and be well organized.

34. Essential Oil and Soap Producer

This is by far a great business venture聽as long as people continue to take their bath, wash etc. Even places like hotels, inns, schools etc will continually request for your products. You can start producing your soap and perfumes in your kitchen. Everyone likes to smell nice and that means a huge market for you. You can set up with as low as $500. You may buy a commercial distiller for about $1000. You can sell your products at stores, exhibitions, online, neighborhood etc. You can even sell to hotels, inns, offices etc.

35. Image Consulting

You can earn a whole lot from helping people to look good and feel great. You help them gain a sense of color combination as well as right cloth combination for occasions and self-brand. You will work on wardrobe updates, communication skills and general etiquette. Your clients include sales experts, politicians, public speakers, singles etc.

36. Green Business Consultant

This business requires training and certification. You will need to be eco certified to help businesses and individuals save money on energy projects as well as compliance issues with ecosystem regulations. You might need to join local business forums to advertise and get business. You can meet with business owners to make them see why they need your service.

37. Nonmedical Home Services

This is a thriving business with a promise for more success. The people above 65 years are projected to become 19% of the population by 2030 which means an increase in the aged. These people will need help聽at least for laundry, home chores, groceries shopping, companionship etc. Also, people recovering from injuries or illness, disabled people and new mothers need these services. So if you are loving and caring, here is a place to make your cash.

38. Commercial Cleaning

This is a multibillion dollars sector. Services include residential cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and polishing. You may have to walk around and tell people about your services to gain contracts. These services are usually required to be rendered in the night and weekend in offices. This grants day workers the ability to do this without losing their jobs and also gain extra funds. Other services may be stripping of floors, replenishing paper products and soaps, emptying trash, washing of windows and recycling.

39. Garbage Removal

Seeking a business with little or no experience needed and small capital? Refuse clearing is a good option. All you need is the right attitude to work and few equipment like trash cans, rakes, shovels etc. If you offer good service to both individuals and businesses, word of mouth advert by satisfied clients is enough adverts. You can also walk around neighborhood to inform them about your services. You can earn up to $40 per hour in this business.

40. Medical Claims Billing

At the moment, this is an increasing sector to earn from. Although it is competitive but you can still make $40,000 or more per year if you render good service. As health insurance increases so does聽medical bills to be claimed by doctors. You can help the doctors to do this at the rate of $2- $6 per claim processed. Note that training and certifications are required which you can get at any college around. With this, you can make as much as you want, just be getting results.

41. Cloth Diaper Service

This is targeted at babies whose parents are eco-friendly. You may offer pick up, delivery, laundry services and supply of the cloth diapers. If you don't have lots of money, you can simply offer a pick and delivery service with a laundry to do the cleaning for you. Word of mouth advert is good, so keep talking to new parents. You can also drop business cards at grocery stores, midwives, lactation mothers group, baby products stores etc.

42. Wedding Consultant

If you can plan a modest wedding with a small budget but with all necessities, then you are good to go. It is your duty as a wedding consultant to plan and organize the wedding, hire caterers, get musicians or disc jockey services, get a decoration specialist, book a reception hall and create table centers and bouquets. It means making a lot of decisions and suggestions that can fix a whole lot of problems.

43. Bounce House Rental Services

This is a very lucrative business but requires some capital to begin with. Bounce houses as called are inflatable amusement games in which both children and adults love to bounce around on. They are designed in a wide range of sizes, shapes and themes. You can acquire both new and fairly used bounce houses. You can make up to $250 per day via this rental service. It can be rented out to charity clubs, social organizations, sport clubs etc.

44. Urban Farm Consulting

If you are farming or agriculturally inclined, you can make a lifetime income from this. People's curiosity and interest on how their foods are grown has turned agriculture into urban farming. You can offer advice or help people to maintain their rooftops and yards farm for a fee. This is a very lucrative business.

45. Import/Export Experts

Import and export businesses always require much in terms of money, documents and advice. If you are experienced in this, you can make a whole lot of money from this. As a specialist, you will be required to guide clients through the complex issues in the business in areas such as financial, warehousing, legal, transportation, distribution, political, marketing, employment, and environmental issues. To get your clients, you may organize a free seminar on the import/export business and then sign up clients through the seminar. If well handled, you can make lots of money through it.

46. Aerial Photography and Videography

Lovers of photography and videography without the fear of聽heights can venture into this. It is lucrative. You will need equipment like telescopic aluminum masts that can be extended 100 feet in the air, drones are quite important too as well as helium-filled blimps that has the ability to reach up to 1,000 feet height.

Please note that there are local laws, federal laws and local business policies regulating the use of drones. Potential clients include golf courses, colleges, property developers, resorts, corporations, amusement parks, outdoor-event organizers, mining sites, social events, forestry sites, film shoots and sporting-event organizers.

If you can provide editing services, you also earn more and if you are able to secure this equipment, you may rent them out when you are busy with other things. This way, money comes in whether you are on or not.

47. Expense Reduction Consultant

If you are an experienced businessman, CFO, Accountant, Operations manager etc., your budgeting and cost cutting experience can earn聽you lots of fund here. You can help businesses cut unnecessary cost, reduce expenses and still maintain the productivity and efficiency of the project for a fee. Other services include analysis on products, services, human resources productivity and budget (short and long term). This is a very lucrative consulting sector if the above description talks about you.

48. Customer Service Consulting

Lots of businesses lose millions of dollars yearly due to poor customer service rendered by their employees. Their bad customer service often makes customers stay off and ensure their loved ones do likewise in serious cases of dissatisfaction. One bad customer service experience may prevent a customer from doing a multi million dollar project with the company. Since you don't know who that customer may be, it is best to treat all customers聽excellently.

In line with this, customer service training is quite important to help companies save and gain more customers. You can earn a living via a consulting service that offers customer service training as well as appreciation training programs. These training should be tailored to individual client's needs. You can as well join forces with specialists in other fields to build a curriculum and training program.

49. Vacation Property Rental Agent

If you live in a tourist attracted area, you can help represent vacation property owners who are miles away on revenue splitting basis. It will require you to do a lot such as marketing, booking, cleaning, repairs etc. Start by representing one or two of these owners and as the business grows, it may eventually become your full time job. You are sure to make lots of money if well handled.

50. Freelance Videographer

We live in a world that loves watching videos online. This may be the reason for the rating聽of YouTube as the third most popular website. Watching of online videos can better be converted to a stream of income. Think about advertising products and services as well as events. It is already working, several comedy shows are advertised via online videos.

If this looks like what you can do, simply get your equipment such as high-quality camera, a laptop, lapel microphone, tripods etc. You can charge up to $150 per hour for video recording and about $50 per hour for editing. If you are good at this, please convert it to money making venture.

Article title:50 Best Small Business ideas to Start With $10,000
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50 Best Small Business ideas to Start With $10,000:等您坐沙发呢!



50 Best Small Business ideas to Start With $10,000:等您坐沙发呢!