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Top 20 Creative Outdoor Small Business ideas

Are you an outdoor person who can bear to sit in a place for several hours conducting business? Are you someone who loves the feel of fresh air while you work?

Or perhaps you are someone who doesn't mind the noise and stress that you sometimes have to endure when working outdoors? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then below are the top creative outdoor business ideas you can start today.

Top 20 Creative Outdoor Small Business ideas for 2019

1. Graffiti removal

Graffiti is being frowned upon by the government because they are seen as detrimental to the environment. This is why graffiti removal is now a hot business. You can learn how to remove graffiti and start a graffiti removal service.

2. Dog Training

Dogs have to undergo training before they can become that sweet little obedient pet. If you are someone who likes working with animals, then you can start a mobile dog training service where you can visit people homes and help them train their dogs.

3. House Painting

Another good idea is to start a house painting business. You can help people give their homes a face lift while you earn cool cash for it. To get house painting jobs, you should make sure you visit construction sites and talk to the owners or supervisors about an opportunity to carry out the painting aspect of the job. Don't forget to offer them a commission for referrals too.

4. Ice cream stand

Children love ice cream and even adults too. You can purchase a nice truck and drive it around with your sweet flavored ice cream and watch the kids troop out in their numbers to buy your ice cream with their lunch money. You can also include something for the adults too. A good place to sell your ice cream is a park or a recreational center.

5. Landscaping/Lawn care/Gardening

If you have the skills, you can help people with mowing their lawns, growing and maintaining their flowers and even planting and weeding their gardens. You can also extend these services to commercial buildings and offices.

6. Refuse Pick-up

The rate at which waste materials and refuse comes out of people鈥檚 homes is unbelievable. This is one business that people overlook but it is really a money spinner. If you do not mind the dirt, you can start a refuse pick-up service and earn money just by helping people throw out their waste.

7. Pest Control

Pest control is another business for the outdoor individuals. Rat infestations, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs and all sorts of nasty intruders are the things you will be helping people get rid of while you make your money.

8. Photography and Videography

You can also become a photographer either as a freelancer or working for media houses. Photography can earn you a lot of money within a short period because the cost of running the business is relatively low especially when compared to the earnings you will make. You can start your photography business by helping friends and family cover their events and then gradually become a known professional through referrals.

9. Pool-Cleaning

Swimming pools have to be cleaned regularly else, they become a source of disease transmission instead of a source of recreation. Learning how to clean pools is not as hard as searching for clients but with a lot of advertisement, you will be able to get a lot of clients eventually. You will clean pools for individuals who have swimming pools at home or for fitness centers and hotels.

10. Roof installation and repairs

If you are not scared of heights, then this is one business that you should really give consideration to. You can make money from helping people change their roofs, mend their leaking roofs or install new ones for new building projects.

11. Sports Camping-: You can also organize sports camp for people who are very interested in sports and fitness.

12. Tree Planting

Planting trees would really go a long way to prevent global warming and protect our planet. While ignorant people are pulling down trees under the guise of production and manufacturing, you can be planting trees and making money from it. You can also help to carry out beautification projects which involves tree planting and earn money from it.

13. Haulage

If you don't mind spending long hours on the road driving interstate, then haulage services is a good business for you. You will earn money just by helping people move items from one place to another. Your target clients would be manufacturers and importers and all you need to start is a truck and business license.

14. Towing Services-: You can be that Good Samaritan that rescues people when their vehicles break down on the high way. Only that you won't be doing yours for free, you will be charging fees for your services.

15. Vehicle Repair

Another outdoor business idea is a vehicle repair business. You can kick it up a notch by adding mobile vehicle repair services to it so that when people vehicles break down on the highway, you can easily drive down there to help them fix it. You can also help people repair their cars in their houses.

16. Billboards-: Billboards are a popular form of advertisement and a very easy way to make money. This is because the costs of maintaining the business are not quite much.

17. Children's Camps-: If you love working with children, you can put together holiday camping programs for children especially during summer. They will be able to learn some skills and hang out with other kids.

18. Fitness Instructor-: You can also help people keep fit and maintain a good health by becoming a personal fitness instructor and helping people organize fitness programs like mountain climbing, road walks etc.

19. Delivery Service-: You can also start a delivery service and help people deliver items to other people such as sales delivery or gift delivery. You can even start a pizza delivery business.

20. Farm equipment broker

You can also become a farm equipment broker and help people who are looking for one farm equipment or the other to rent or buy. If you have enough capital, you can even start your own farm equipment sales business.

Article title:Top 20 Creative Outdoor Small Business ideas
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Top 20 Creative Outdoor Small Business ideas:等您坐沙发呢!



Top 20 Creative Outdoor Small Business ideas:等您坐沙发呢!