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Top 10 Small Business ideas for People That Hate Selling

Many people are often discouraged when they want to start businesses that require selling. This is quite understandable because not everyone is a naturally gifted salesperson, and not everyone with natural salesman skills enjoys selling.

Whilst some people can sell the crappiest stuffs in such a way that potential buyers would be eager to buy from them, others cannot even sell stuffs to save their own lives. Truth is that for some people, marketing is a gift, while for others it鈥檚 an art that takes a lot of time to master for others. Therefore, it鈥檚 quite understandable that people who are not gifted in the art of marketing would want to shy away from businesses that involve selling.

However, it鈥檚 not a completely hopeless situation for people who love to own businesses but do not really love selling. If you are one of such people, there鈥檚 good news. There are dozens of businesses you can start that wouldn鈥檛 require selling at all. These are mostly service-based businesses and some of them are explained below.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas That Don鈥檛 Involve Selling 1. Haulage

Haulage involves transportation of goods and products from place to place. Most businesses that deal in goods and services鈥攅specially manufacturers and wholesale dealers鈥攏eed haulage contractors from time to time to help them transport raw materials or distribute finished goods to their customers.

To start a haulage business, what you basically need is a good truck, a driver, and a contract with a company to handle their haulage tasks; and you are good to go. No selling and no marketing at all.

2. Event planning

Another business that you can run without having to sell any products is event planning. However, you need to have a passion for planning and organization to succeed in this business. You could be either a corporate or a social event planner.

Corporate event planners organize meetings, workshops, annual general meetings, luncheons and other corporate events for companies, while social event planners organize weddings, birthdays, bridal showers and other social events for their clients.

Social event planners get more jobs regularly, while corporate event planners usually don鈥檛 have as much events to plan but may earn a lot more than social event planners. So you need to consider this difference before taking a plunge.

3. Babysitting

This is also known as child minding. A large percentage of parents are of the working class, which means they have to be at work every day and usually need someone to mind their kids until they are back home. This is where babysitters come in; they help parents take care of their kids until the parents are back home. There are also adult caregivers who specialize in caring for senior citizens who are too weak to take care of themselves.

4. Tutoring-: Tutoring is another business that completely requires no form of selling. All you need is a sharp mind, excellent teaching skills, and good advertising strategies to make people aware of your services. Tutoring services can be done online or offline.

5. Business coaching

Yet another business that doesn鈥檛 require selling is business coaching services. Many people want to start their own businesses but are completely at loss on how to go about it. Such people need guidance and direction from an expert who would hold their hands and guide them through the process鈥攁nd, of course, get paid for the services they render. If you have the passion, knowledge, and experience required to become a business coach, why not go for it?

6. Cleaning services-: If you love to clean or are obsessed with organization, offering cleaning services is a suitable business idea for you. There are many people who cannot afford the time to clean their own homes or offices鈥攂ut are willing to pay anyone who can do it for them

7. Laundry services-: Laundry service is a simple business to start provided you take your time to learn the skills required and to understand how to maximize your income potential. Again, it requires no form of selling at all.

8. Market research

Market research is usually required by companies that are planning a start-up, considering adding a new product to their line, or making changes to an existing product. These companies cannot just do any of these things without first studying the market and the consumer鈥檚 likely reactions to such decisions. Usually, it is the market researchers that are contracted to carry out these market research tasks.

9. Blogging

If there鈥檚 a topic you love or something you would like to talk about and share with the world, you can easily turn that into a money-spinning business just by creating a blog and having people advertise their products or services once the blog starts generating huge traffic.

10. Freelance writing-: Lastly, you can become a freelance writer. You will be paid by individuals and organizations to write blogs posts, magazine articles, business plans, ebooks, and so on. And you鈥檒l be well-paid for doing that.

Article title:Top 10 Small Business ideas for People That Hate Selling
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Top 10 Small Business ideas for People That Hate Selling:等您坐沙发呢!



Top 10 Small Business ideas for People That Hate Selling:等您坐沙发呢!